About us

Since 1999, our company has provided to be a brand in paint industry step by step and 2007 has founded Decorative Building Systems plant with advanced technology with a market leading company has been producing the highest quality jambs.

There are exports to many countries including Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iraq and Kyrgyzstan.

Our Mission

Hold the highest level of customer satisfaction, high performance, universal standard of quality, our company aims to offer products and services, rapidly changing and growing demands of the most accurate and as soon as possible. Our company’s construction paints and of decorative building systems, expert staff, the knowledge and technology we have with the principle expressed by each individual as an individual value, respect the environment and environmental protection activities, exhibits a dynamic and innovative approach.

Understanding of dynamic and innovative new product and the needs of service marketing our company is constantly evolving, closely following the developments in the world paint industry, continually updates itself through trade fairs and seminars.

Our understanding of the dynamic and innovative goes cooperation and learning from each other, structural improvements, new production techniques in strengthening the work of bringing the stubborn R & D works.

Institutional quality and service approach, starting from the point of production, resulting in the ultimate consumer satisfaction has focused on the axis.

Working the principle of "the first time, on time and without problems of production," our company, purchased materials and services for this purpose, together with our suppliers carefully examines a high.

Possessed a leader in management approach aims to carve a respectable and effective place in the global economy.

Mutual respect and open communication among employees based on trust and teamwork to improve the efficiency of co-operation with the result reveals the high-level goals are achieved.

A new look at a different eye to every job we do, the knowledge and experience we have, particularly with our employees to our industry, our country and around the world to express a value for the purpose of evaluation in an effort to have the best opportunities.

"Always work for more perfection"



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