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  Decorative Panel Adhesive (Cement based)
Bianca Heat Insulation Adhesive is a cement based adhesive mixture improved by several chemicals and polymer developed for attaching EPS, XPS or other insulation materials to the carrying surface.

AREAS OF USE: Both interior and exterior works. Concrete, plaster, bricks, aerated concrete, panel and other kinds of mineral based surfaces; Used for installation of insulation panels of polystyrene and stone wool.

• Durable. Due to additives of polymer has a very strong attaching property. That is why it provides perfect adhesion between the panel and the wall surface.
• Water repulsive.

• Possesses high vapour conductive property.
• Economical. Can be easily applied by means of a steel spatula.
• Provides time and labour economy.

THE SURFACE PRETREATMENT: The surface panels are to be installed on has to be durable. Pored absorbent surfaces are to be wet. The holes and cavities of the surface are to be mend at least 72 hours before the application Bianca Dekoratif Plaka Yapıştırıcısı (Bianca Decorative Panel Adhesive). The cavities between Inıtial Profile and the wall can be handled by means of some plastic fitting pieces.

APPLICATION: One bag of Bianca Dekoratif Plaka Yapıştırıcısı (Bianca Decorative Panel Adhesive) (25,00 kg) is dissolved in 6-7 lt of clean water and mixed by means of a mixer until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Before the application the mixture should rest for 10 min and after that mixed once more. The mixture is to be consumed in 2 hours. Within this period if the brakes ara had the mixture should be mixed once again. No operation should be performed during the whole period of drying.

POINT APPLICATION METHOD: According to point application method the adhesive is laid on the perimeter of the panel by the lines with the  5 cm width of 5cm and the thickness of 1 cm. In the middle of the panel Bianca Dekoratif Plaka Yapıştırıcısı (Bianca Decorative Panel Adhesive) should be laid with the intervals about 20cm in circular shape with a diameter of 10 cm and thickness of 1-2 cm. Make sure that 40% of panel surface are covered with the Heat Insulation Adhesive.

THE METHOD OF TOOTHED SPATULA: This method can be applied on absolutely flat surfaces. According to this technique, whole surface of the panel is covered byBianca Dekoratif Plaka Yapıştırıcısı (Bianca Decorative Panel Adhesive) and than treated with a toothed spatula. The panels are to be installed in random order and from left to right.

CONSUMPTION PER m²: Under normal contitions the consumption rate of the product is 4-6 kg/ m². This data may vary according to the application conditions as well as to hte type of surface.

SOME IMPORTANT ASPECTS: Should not be applied on unsteady surfaces. If the surface theBianca Dekoratif Plaka Yapıştırıcısı (Bianca Decorative Panel Adhesive) is to be applied on is absorbent or too hot and dry due to weather conditions it should be wet. Do not lay the adhesive on the sides of the panel and do not leave gaps between them in order to prevent heat loss provide full adhesion between panel sides. The weather during the installation has to be above 5ºC and should nod decrease within 24 hrs. It is strongly recomended not to perform the application in windy weather or if there is a risk of rain.

STORAGE: The product is to be kept in dry and cool conditions being protected against harmful effects. It is suggested that packed product should be consumed within 6 months.

PACKING: Bianca Dekoratif Plaka Yapıştırıcısı (Bianca Decorative Panel Adhesive) is packed in bags by 25kg±%2 in state of dry powder. It is allowed to lay 10 bags on each other.

SAFETY WARNING: Contains cement alkali based. In case of contact with eyes wash out with large amount of water and see a doctor immediately. Store in a place inaccessible for children.