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The Application Technique of Exterior Cladding
First of all vertical and horizontal measures of surface are to be obtained.
• Cavities over 1-2 cm should be flattened, and previously installed coating (if available) should be removed.
Bianca Isı Yalıtım Yapıştırıcısı (Bianca Heat Insulation Adhesive Cement) should be applied to whole surface to wihich Exterior Coating Panel is installed, or to the perimeter by means of dentiled spatula.
• After being set on starter strip the panels are slightly shifted and attached to the wall.
• While pressing make shure that Joint Flanges are symmetrically upon each other.
• No gaps should be left between the panels.
• The panel and the wall are perforated for determination of concrete nail at least 24 hrs after the attachment. For concrete minimum 40 mm and for block structure 50 mm holes should be made.
The standard size of a panel is 2000x500 mm. At least 7 concrete nails have to be used per one panel.
• The cavities left by concrete nails can be filled with Bianca Elastik Elyaflı Sıva (Bianca Elastic Fibered Plaster).

• Can be painted in any colour according to your will.
Jamb Application Technique

Required Instruments: Saw, Heat Insulation Adhesive Cement, try square, brush, spatula, hammer, nail, spring tape measure, Bianca Elastic Fibered Plaster.

The perimeter of surface where the frame is to be installed to has to be measured. Angle parts have to be taken in attention and calculated. A model suitable to the project is developed, frame angles of 45º have to be cut by means of try square.

When the angles are marked by try square and cut by means of saw, homogenized Hat Insulation Adhesive Cement is applied to back surface of the frame components by a spatula. 

The top and the sides of the frame is settled according to the project.

The attached frame is nailed to the wall by means of nails therefore the structure is set by both chemical and mechanical methods.
The excessive adhesive cement is rubbed from the sides. The joint parts are mended with diluted Bianca Elastic Fibered Plaster bu means of a brush. After drying is over the cavities are removed bu means of polishing  sheet, and the installation of top and the sides is complete.
Window Sill Application Technique
After the top and the sides of the frame are installed, we can turn to the sill. To avoid plain appearance of the sill we should cut the angles of the sill as it is shown in the scheme so it will provide suitable continuation of the model.

Firstly cut a piece of the sill panel with the angle of 45º as it si shown on the picture.

After that we should cut the other side of the panel in the same way by means of try square with the same angle of 45º.
The pieces obtained as the result of cuting should be attached to the side as shown in the scheme.