Paint; is defined as a chemical material when has been applied on a surface, decorative and protective coating (film). Construction Coatings divided into two main groups, Water-Based and Synthetic Based. Water-based paints in its interior can be categorized as (plastic coating, silicone coating, silk matt paint, semi-matte satin paint, anti-bacterial paint, fluorescent paint, etc.) and exterior (silicone exterior, exterior acrylic, texture paint, elastic, rubber paint, etc.) products.

The most important issue before painting is preparation the surface for painting. Pre-paint primer that should be used must be selected according to the last paint job. Exterior wall linings are usually white; the interior wall linings are transparent. Diffusion over the ability to paint with primers for the adherence between the surface (adhesion) increases. Thin penetrate deeply into the surface due to the structure.

Attention: lime paint primed to drive directly to the walls of a false application.

Paint application shall be considered the use of the products of the same brand. The material must be read and the recommendations to decide on the application instructions must be followed. No paint should be used on dirty and damp surfaces. The surface should be prepared according to the type of paint to be applied; the floor must be free of errors. Cement, plaster or concrete surfaces to be painted for the first time for a new application at the earliest attention should be done after 3-4 weeks. All paints before the application must be mixed thoroughly with a mixer. Paints should not be applied in very hot, very cold and windy weather conditions.

The coloring process must be made in thin coats. Powder or liquid paint additives and packaging should be made as indicated on the rate of thinning should not be exceeded. To ensure good adhesion, glossy surfaces, sanding and matted should be made. To reuse the paint thinner should be added surface to cover the insertion and should close the lid and stored in a cool place.

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