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Language of Colours

Why does almost every country’s flag has a red colour in it? Why kids clothes are pink for girls and blue for boys? We all attach a meaning to colours according to our past, our experience, culture and fashion.

Until today it was assumed that the choice of a colour depends on preference only, but in a result of some researches based on psychological effect of colours it came out that the choice of colour may have different motivation.


Red is certainly known as appetite opener. Red always gives life and energy to the environment. It increases hormonal secretion, sexual activity an accelerates wound healing and also effects mental activity. Being one of the main colours and the first choice of the majority red can be classified as one of the most dominant colours. Red is very attractive with is effect and impressiveness. With its simulative effect it picks and increases the attention of those who look. Rose, chestnut brown and burgundy which are the colours of red scale are very beautiful end expressive. They are also known as sensitive colours. Burgundy and red rose tones call children to joy and rises the sense of love. Effects of red colour on decoration, it gives life an energy to all surroundings. It is stressed more in a red painted places with strong and bright light. Colour is more notable in bright place, but if dimly illuminated red looses its power. Red is not used in the places which are meant to be calm and quiet because its attractiveness an effect fatigues the eye. On the other hand active and assertive places red is the source of heat and energy. For instance used as stressed colour in the living-rooms red activates the family members and stimulates them to creative acts.


Orange is a colour of qualities similar to red. It is liked in its pure state as well as in its light and dark tones. Actually it is more preferred due to it is less mature and static when compared to red. Decorative effects of orange: mainly used in dining room and service teams for its appetite opening property, it also stimulates social interaction stressing reciprocal respect. Therefore we can say that places of public use (such as halls, kitchen and TV room) are the most suitable places to be painted in orange. Since it influences humans comprehension in the easiest way, the group sitting in a room painted in orange may seem larger. So if you are a group standing together and you prefer to look numerous you definitely have to choose orange coloured decorations. The Symbols of the orange colour: Orange is the colour of strength and toughness. Moreover it symbolizes heat, fire and hurry. Being a symbol of joy and knowledge at the same time it is told to be stimulating the need for socialization in people, but experts believe that immoderate use of the orange may affects nervous system in a negative way, that is why they suggest to combine orange with green and blue.


Pink is the colour of morning sun, expression of female senses. Full of life it gives supreme energy. It can be expressed as the meaning of being healthy and always young. Pink takes its energy from red, but it is softer. Sometimes being defined as the colour of Spring pink is also known as the messenger of pursuing a dream or irreproachable life. Pink is attractive, skilled and full of fantasy. It is so bright that its female side can not be hidden. Decorative effects of pink; Although pink is an energy infusing colour it is not preferable in workplaces  due to its sensitive effect. Mainly used in girls’ rooms as a colour of dreams and positive life.


Brown is the colour of soil, thus the colour of genesis and prosperity. Brown accelerates the activities. People who like brown and physically aware, have sensitive skin and perfect nerves. Decorative effects of Brown; since it accelerates humans activity it is applied especially in fast-food restaurants interiors. Being a social balance and relaxation providing colour Brown and fawn are also used in house decoration for their “control” over ground which the sense of safety and calmness provided by soil. Warm  and neutral qualities of Brown create the feeling of security and bound. Moreover used with peach colour in dining and living rooms Brown and fawn create sincere environment and improve interrelation of children with other people.


Many people perceive black as aristocratic and noble colour. Generally this apprehension turns out to be true, because according to colour science, black represents desire. At the same time it is an expression of aspiration. That is why all official cars or other vehicles which symbolize power are black. Black is also the representative of various strong and ambitious feelings. Expresses pessimistic disposition. Also it associates with grief being a colour of funeral. On the other hand black is a light inhibiting colour that is why it is known as concentration provider. It is told that some famous thinkers and artists enter dark rooms to reach concentration.


Blue is always told to give calmness and relaxation. And it is true… Because it slows blood circulation down. That is why it is so restful. It is observed that when the children's rooms are painted in blue in stead of yellow or orange which are exciting colours, children get more calm and steady and less naughty. On the other hand food producers do not prefer blue because it inhibits the feeding instincts. Moreover western dietitans suggest that eating from blue plates is an important aspect for those who are on diet. For this reason it is not suggested to paint dining rooms in this colour, unless you want to loose weight. Of-course You can choose blue according to your aims. In addition to this blue has an ability to be noticed clearly from far away, fort his reason if there is a department in your office you like everyone to notice you should choose blue. Red is easily noticed within close distance but blue attracts attention from far away as well.

Dark Blue
Dark blue is associated with authority and profit. This is the reason why almost all presidents in all international conferences and assemblies wear dark blue. Actually there is no need to go that far, almost all high rank administrators and even candidates when they come for interviews often wear dark blue fort his reason. Besides green and blue symbolize formidableness. So we suggest you to wear something dark blue in the office.

Think of what you feel when you or someone else says “grey”. Grey is definitely a heavy and diplomatic colour. It slows you down and decreases eagerness, it represents weigh and solemnity. Also it is known as “creativity-killer”, that is why official places where creativity is of no use are painted in grey even majority of other items is grey in there. If there is a job that needs no creativity and you want it to be done without thought grey is a suitable colour. Besides we can say that grey infuses diplomatic view in the most clear way. But if you wish to give just the opposite atmosphere you should definitely avoid grey. Also if there is a place you want people to move slow grey can provide the desired effect.


Yellow is completely an expression of temporary and attractive. Think of traffic lights. Yellow shows a period that is soon to come to an end. Also taxi cars are painted in yellow all over the world. It makes them easy to notice and stresses their transience. Besides road marking nowadays turned to yellow this is also by its attractiveness. Because despite all guesses it a more “eye capturing” colour. When  we turn back to choosing “office” colours, if you wish to increase the working tempo and do not wish people to stay long on the same place your choice should be definitely yellow. Of course if you paint your child’s room in yellow we warn you not to be surprised by the rise of his activity.


White is the colour of purity and a new beginning. Unsoiled, undefiled, and holly are the meanings which are represented by white. Reflects light and provides freshness it also infuses you with energy. Besides white expresses nobility, kindness and imperturbability, it can be used to create both pure and happy or cool atmosphere in a place. Decorative effects of white; white is used mainly in hospitals, drug stores and other places where hygiene is to be stressed. In addition to this offices painted in white look more reliable because white represents constancy and continuousness. Restful to eyes white provides visual (virtually) enlargement of the dimensions, generally  suggested by architects. Light affects the choice of white colour’s tone. North directed rooms are better to be painted in creamish-white but in bright places it should be closer to grey. Also white is preferable in many rooms due to its ability to balance other colours.


As a restful colour green  has a calming and relaxing effect upon tired people. Especially when mixed with blue it decreases the moments of stress and tension. Decorative effects of green; being a relaxing colour green gives rest to your eyes and  infuses the rooms with calmness. But its tones are preferred for more sensitive atmosphere. Since green creates the feeling of eternal peace it is suggested to keep plenty of green plants in your house. Being associated with spring green brings life and fresh air to the rooms. Besides green provides a reliable appearance to workplaces